A Love for Sharing Art

Secondary Art Teacher & College Art Professor

Hello! I have been a fine artist for over 25 years, and have shown in galleries and juried art shows, plus worked in the graphics field. Many of my jobs were commissioned pieces and I tutored many private students. In 2015, I worked in the classroom teaching Middle/High School art, as well as taught graphic design at the college level at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. While at the secondary level, I was looking for art curriculum but I simply couldn't find anything that taught the way I did. That was the genesis of Emerging Art. After many refinements and revisions, Emerging Art was completed and published. It became my passion to communicate this so that other art teachers would have a comprehensive resource that could save them hours of prep and give them the confidence they were hitting all the standards. I am continuing to support, refine, and upgrade my art curriculum so that creativity and visual thinking can systematically be built in all our students.

Homeschool Mom

Best Decision Ever

As a mom of two amazing kids, I decided to homeschool them during their elementary years. It was one of the best decisions of my life. When they both graduated High School I was proud of them, of course, but a little sad our school days were over. I was immersed in the whole process with them. I understand the importance of great curriculum and was so thankful to find some wonderful resources for our subjects. Although, I never found a complete course for our art studies. That was when I began putting art lessons together so I could teach them art in a systematic way. I guess that was the real genesis of Emerging Art.

My philosophy

Visual Thinking Builds Growing Brains

Firstly, I believe visual thinking is at the root of creative thinking, which is so needed today. All of the genius' in history were visual thinkers, yet our educational systems haven't seen it's value (yet!). It seems art programs are the first to be cut in our schools. I believe developing visual skills will grow brains in and for all areas of life. Secondly, I believe all humans are creative, priceless and bring unique value to this world. I feel what we lack is honor, for ourselves and one another. My courses integrate exercises to build honor and eliminate limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves. If we can see our own value and worth, it will help us see that in one another. Our artistic expressions, whatever they may be, raise awareness of the value we each have and what beautiful thing each brings to this world.

Emerging Art Curriculum

Growing Artful Minds through Creativity

I developed the Emerging Art curriculum by drawing upon my experience and years of teaching Middle and High School art and teaching graphic design at the college level at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. I believe art and creative thinking can and should be systematically built in students, and without it, our society suffers. I believe Emerging Art does this. Publishing Emerging Art: Student and Teacher Editions and opening my online art school, MK Art Academy has been a dream come true. I am so grateful I have been able to offer curriculum support for art teachers and home schools, especially during COVID, when online resources were so needed.
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My Students' Awards

2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Award

"Descendance Within"

by Marisa S. Graphite on Paper 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winner Grade: 9

2018 Best in Show ACSI District Show


by Maura D. Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 12″ 2018 BEST IN SHOW at the ACSI District Show Grade: 11

2017 Best in Show ACSI District Show


by Lauren V. Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″ 2017 BEST IN SHOW at the ACSI District Show Grade: 11

"Art gives a voice to what's inside, which is why it's so important."

I believe all students have the ability to learn art and its concepts, but that is not what I feel is most important. It is to help build the confidence that there is value inside each student and that it is art that can give expression to each voice.

- Michelle Kamrath, Founder of MK Art Academy and Author of Emerging Art