Are you a secondary art teacher who

needs an inspiring and complete art curriculum?

I know I was, and that's why I wrote Emerging Art for my own classroom! - Michelle Kamrath

"The materials have been life-saving to me!"

"The 'Emerging Art' book and the accompanying materials have navigated me and my students through this year’s [2020-2021] online learning. I used the book, slideshows and worksheets every class. The whole package was perfect for the online learning. Thank you again for creating the Emerging Art materials!!"

  • Lots of colorful photos and illustrations. 
  • Layout is easy to see and get used to.
  •  Slideshows are very useful for daily lectures.
  •  Google search links and YouTube video links attached to slideshows are convenient and useful. 
  • Worksheets were helpful for both my students and me with instructions and examples all on one sheet. 
  • Worksheets were easy to use to help special ed students. 
  • Good amount of exercises with step-by-step instructions and at least one example. 
  • Each chapter has a touch of art history at the end. Some students really enjoyed this.

– Art Teacher,  Washington State, Online Teacher Bundle Review
 June, 2021 – 9th-12th grades

  • Grow Your Online Resources

    Get a full year art curriculum that you can do with your students online or in the classroom: art lessons, projects, videos, online links, worksheets, and tests, plus bonus access to Level 1 Online for one full year!

  • Save Time and Energy

    A systematic approach to secondary art so you can incorporate our lessons into your existing program, or use Emerging Art on its own, saving you valuable prep time.

  • Build Creativity in Your Classroom

    Emerging Art is centered around creativity and visual thinking, with the aim of building imagination in our problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Online Teacher Bundle - Emerging Art Curriculum

Our Online Teacher Bundle comes filled with engaging classroom resources that support our Emerging Art curriculum (grades 7-12).

  • Emerging Art: Teacher Edition pdf (Lifetime Use) $44.95 Value

  • Emerging Art PowerPoint Slideshows for 12 Chapters featuring 498 Slides (Editable - Lifetime Use) $375 Value

  • 18) 11" x 17" Classroom Posters (Lifetime Use) $18 Value

Plus You Get One Year Access to Emerging Art Online Level 1

A full year of realistic drawing in pencil, charcoal, and colored pencils, the basics of watercolor, color theory, art history, art appreciation + more for your classroom (unlimited number of students)..

  • Scope and Sequence and Lesson Plans for 36 Weeks

  • 36 Video Lessons & Demo Videos (Value $159/student = $3,180/classroom)

  • 15 Famous Artist Studies, 9 Online Museum Links & 21 Artist's Videos

  • 150 Worksheets (Printable/Fillable)

  • Tests & Answer Keys (Printable/Fillable)

Your Teacher Bundle Includes:

All these resources for only $249 (over $3,000 in value)!

Examples of Level 1 Art Projects

Full Year (36 Weeks of Lessons, Worksheets, Links, and Tests)

Students Gain Confidence

Emerging Art doesn't teach how to draw. It teaches how to see.

These before and after drawings were done within one semester.

What Teachers are Saying

Best Art Instruction Book for High School

by Emily Warren, Visual Art Educator, Vermont, USA

"I LOVE IT. Thank you soooo so much. You nailed it. The scope and sequence are concise yet all-inclusive. Your book is the best art instruction book for the high school level that I have ever used. The lessons are thoughtful, encourage critical thinking, and are FUN. I thought the original was stunning. Somehow you managed to surpass the original. I look forward to using this in my traditional / hybrid / virtual classroom for years to come. Your hard work helps me relax. Thank you again!"

Takes a Load Off My Mind and Heart

by Vanessa Powell, Visual Art Educator Matanuska Susitna Borough School District, Alaska, USA

"I love the illustrations in your book... and the clarity is fantastic. Understandable and valuable for the classroom teacher. I especially like the vocabulary and the art history links. This is exactly what I need for my art classes this fall. You can’t know the amount of load it takes off of my mind and heart. I value you!!"

Your Text is My First

by Jessica J., Visual Art Educator, California, USA

"I've never really taught from and with a text, yours is the first I have had any desire to use in my classroom. I look forward to diving more into it all!! Thank you again for everything!"

Absolutely Phenomenal Resource

by Jennifer Balsiger, Art Teacher, Middle School, Maine, USA

"This is an absolutely phenomenal resource...  I've been teaching for 15 years but with COVID, it's a whole new ballgame! Thanks Michelle! Your hard work makes it possible for many of us to stay afloat! I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for you and your creative genius. It's a pleasure to be using your curriculum. "

Meet Michelle

Author of Emerging Art and Founder of MK Art Academy

Michelle Kamrath, author of the Emerging Art curriculum and Founder of MK Art Academy, she is an award-winning artist, illustrator and teacher who has worked in the art industry over 25 years. As a Middle /High School art teacher, she developed Emerging Art  for her own classes and has launched MK Art Academy making it available online worldwide. Michelle is passionate about the power of art and believes it is an essential part of every child's development and growth.

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  • Do I need to purchase the Emerging Art textbook?

    No, although it may be helpful to have the textbook for reference. All the lessons are taken from the book and presented in a PowerPoint format. You will receive the Emerging Art: Teacher Edition pdf that you can download.

  • How long may I use the materials? Only one year?

    You will be able to download the Emerging Art Teacher Edition PDF and the Emerging Art Chapter PowerPoints. These can be stored on your computer, and used a lifetime. You will have access to the Level 1 Online Course for one year.

  • Can I edit the Chapter PowerPoints?

    Yes, you may add your own slides or you can delete or rearrange the order of the slides. The slide page numbers are editable. You will not be able to edit the Level 1 Online Course Slideshows, but you may view and teach from them in your classroom online.

"Emerging Art is dedicated to art teachers and students everywhere! May your vision, creativity, and love for art continue to inspire many and may the work of your hearts and hands impact generations to come."

- Michelle Kamrath, Founder of MK Art Academy and Author of Emerging Art