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    Get excellent and easy to understand art classes at home online anytime, day or night.

  • Hit national standards.

    Use quality art curriculum that addresses National Core Art Standards that is used in public and private schools.

  • Build creativity.

    Build creativity and visual thinkers for years to come, through your home art program .

Online Level 1 Course Includes:

  • One Year Access

  • Self-paced Lessons Available 24/7

  • Emerging Art: Student’s Edition Textbook Online

  • Scope and Sequence, Lesson Plans, and Materials Lists

  • 36 weeks Level 1 Curriculum (Videos, Worksheets, Links, Quizzes)

  • Demo Videos

  • Online Art Gallery

  • Private Instruction Available

What Makes Emerging Art Different?

The Elements of Art and Principles of Design are systematically taught while addressing the National Core Art Standards. See examples below of Level 1's art projects.

Students Gain Confidence

Emerging Art doesn't teach students how to draw. It teaches them how to see.

Before and after drawings completed within one semester.

What Teachers are Saying

The lessons are thoughtful, encourage critical thinking, and are FUN.

by Emily Warren, Visual Art Educator, Vermont, USA

"I LOVE IT. Thank you soooo so much. You nailed it. The scope and sequence are concise yet all-inclusive. Your book is the best art instruction book for the high school level that I have ever used. The lessons are thoughtful, encourage critical thinking, and are FUN. I thought the original was stunning. Somehow you managed to surpass the original. I look forward to using this in my traditional / hybrid / virtual classroom for years to come. Your hard work helps me relax. Thank you again!"

Understandable and Valuable

by Vanessa Powell, Visual Art Educator Matanuska Susitna Borough School District, Alaska, USA

"I love the illustrations in your book... and the clarity is fantastic. Understandable and valuable for the classroom teacher. I especially like the vocabulary and the art history links. This is exactly what I need for my art classes this fall. You can’t know the amount of load it takes off of my mind and heart. I value you!!"

Absolutely Phenomenal Resource

by Jennifer Balsiger, Art Teacher, Middle School, Maine, USA

"This is an absolutely phenomenal resource...  I've been teaching for 15 years but with COVID, it's a whole new ballgame! Thanks Michelle! Your hard work makes it possible for many of us to stay afloat!"

Meet Michelle

Founder of MK Art Academy and Author of Emerging Art

Michelle Kamrath, author of the Emerging Art curriculum, is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and teacher and has worked in the art industry over 25 years. Michelle has been a homeschool mom, as well as a Middle and High School art teacher and art college professor. She founded MK Art Academy in 2020 to give teachers and students online access to quality art education. Michelle is passionate about the power of art and believes it is an essential part of every child's education.

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Emerging Art: Level 1

Get one full year for $159.

Emerging Art: Level 1 Includes: • One Year Access • Self-paced Lessons Available 24/7 • Emerging Art: Student's Edition Textbook Online • Scope and Sequence • Lesson Plans and Materials Lists • 36 weeks Level 1 Curriculum (Videos, Worksheets, Links, Quizzes) • Demo Videos • Online Discussions • Online Art Gallery • Private Instruction Coming Soon


  • When does the class start?

    This is an online video course with supplemental worksheets, quizzes and some teacher feedback through discussion forums. It is self-paced, so the student can take it at his/her own convenience and start anytime.

  • How long does the student have to complete the course?

    The subscription is for one year (from the time of sign up).

  • What is the process of how the student logs in after purchasing.

    When the student purchases, they set up an account in the course with a username and password. They can access the course at any time, 24/7.

  • Does the student need to purchase the textbook?

    No. All the lessons are presented in the videos and supplemental materials. The lessons are taken directly from the book, but you won't need to buy it. Level 1 is only a portion of the material in the book, so it might be helpful for reference, but it is not required.

  • Will this curriculum you are creating help my daughter work towards a portfolio she can use for college applications?

    Absolutely! I have Level 1 available now, which is for the beginner art student. I will be adding Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced or AP level) during this next year. Level 1 starts with the basics, but teaches the fundamentals that need to be established to advance. I have helped students get into the art schools of their choice, as well as writing recommendation letters to be submitted with the college application. I will offer this service for those students in the course, I’ve worked with.

  • Will this curriculum fulfill a high school art credit for my homeschool?

    Yes, it has a full year of instruction and projects. For most, to earn 1 credit in high school, you need 120 hours of classwork, or 160 45 minute periods. I have a lesson plan that lays out the first year with lessons and exercises to fill 36 weeks (both semesters) (5 days a week, 45 min. per day = 135 hours or 180 45 minute periods). This will meet the standard of 1 credit.

  • How will my student's work be graded? Do you have some kind of guide for me to grade her work by, or will it just be test grades?

    There will be tests (almost every week) that test on the main concepts. For the art projects they can be evaluated by you or your daughter using the self-evaluation form you will find under the Video Lesson for each week. I give prompts for those projects that will need to be evaluated. You can download and print the form. It walks you through a rubric to evaluate five areas: workmanship and neatness, creativity and originality, effort, application of the elements of art, and overall composition. If you have any problems or questions, you can always email me and I am happy to help.

  • When you purchase the course do you have lifetime access?

    The lesson plans and worksheets are downloadable so you can download them to your computer and also use those for life. For the Emerging Art textbook, weekly assignments, links, slideshows and videos, you have one year access from the day you enroll (The videos and slideshows fill two semesters - 36 weeks).

"Emerging Art is dedicated to art teachers and students everywhere! May your vision, creativity, and love for art continue to inspire many and may the work of your hearts and hands impact generations to come."

- Michelle Kamrath, Founder of MK Art Academy and Author of Emerging Art