A Creative Solution

to overcome limiting beliefs.

Do you struggle with self-worth? Do you feel like your life has little purpose or direction? Are there negative beliefs you hold about yourself that continue to stop you from being the person you want to be? Watch "Kayla's Story" below and see how the SEE Journey has changed her life.


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What Students Are Saying...

Rejuvenates My Creative Flow

by Chris S., Pendleton, OR

“I enjoyed the SEE program. It was very beneficial for me. The tools I gained are a part of my life and a guide for future challenging situations. The experience of drawing a positive situation change was very empowering and freeing for me. I was able to put this new energy into dance and music and rejuvenate my creative flow.”

My Identity Was Revealed

by Gabrielle B., Las Vegas, Nevada

“My identity was revealed through this program and I felt great after each session! I love SEE and know it will make a significant impact on people’s mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!”

Helped Me Recognize My Feelings

by Ashley B., Las Vegas, Nevada

“I believe that the SEE program helped me to recognize my feelings in times when normally I would not know how I felt or would deny my feelings. I learned that its OK to feel that my feelings are valid. I’ve learned how to turn negative feelings around not just with words but by allowing myself to feel positivity. I also learned to find the value in art and how to displace emotions in my own art.”