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All content provided in this course is intended for your personal use in the classrooms that you teach in. Any reproduction, alteration, or distribution for the use of other teachers, schools, or classes is strictly forbidden.   

Editable content (word docs and powerpoint slideshows) may be altered for your use as you see fit. Slideshows may be edited to remove MK Art Academy slides, change page numbers, or add your own slides.  No other alterations to MK Art slides are allowed.

Content included in any course purchased from mkartacademy.com will be either downloadable or view-only.  Examples of each would be, but not limited to, the following.

Downloading or screen capturing of any content not intended for downloading provided by mkartacademy.com is strictly prohibited without written permission from mkartacademy.com. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate subscription cancellation and possible copyright violation legal action. All such action will be governed by Federal or State of New Mexico law, along with all policies contained in the "Privacy Policy" below.